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          That's me, Magpie !

I directed the Kina's Adventure series

and the MAYHEM films.


I love sci-fi, comics, and of course,

art. I'm also a huge Batman fan,

especially the Penguin. My personal

Twitter is @Magpie_Feather, I'm pretty

chatty so don't hesitate to come

and say hi !



Magpie Raven Blackford

(Kina's Adventure,

THE Voice Actors


Hellbent as Narrator (Issue 1)

Saberspark as Narrator (Issue 2)

Thank you to Gage Snodgrass for helping with the dialogues editing of Kina's Adventure issue 2 !

Hayley Nelson as Kina
Danielle McRae as Magpie
Michael Edwards as Octav
P.M. Seymour as Lord Vladimir & Mafia Boss & Creepy Alley Guy
Clancypasta as Jones
Tom Schalk as Prince Egoa
Hellbent as Steve
AngelArt as Squick
Matt Caudel (Mistermattcaudel) as Mr V

Jacob Takanashi as Hank

Evan Tran as Joey

Aurore Gautheur as Barbara the Barbarian
Belsheber Rusape as Erik (Kina's dad) and Travis Star

Wiley Koyote as Leeroy & Offended Rich Man

Elsie Lovelock as Young Magpie
Kestin Howard as Prince Egoa's Butler

Katte Noel as Orion

Brock Baker as Orion's Bullies

Krystal LaPorte as Magpie's Mother and Orion's Mother
Schokosockesaku as the Karaoke mean girls and Kina's AI

Stewart Moyer as Pirate Goon Elrik
Dave Capdevielle as the Karaoke mean guys

Ray O'Hare as Pirate Radio Announcer, Magpie's teacher

Nathan Ragland as Upper Class Kid Screaming

Kieran Regan as Angry Lower Class Kid

Melissa Medina as Sick Little Girl

Brandon 'Saucy' Collier as Vulture (creature)

Rae Harrel as Lunch Bully and Sick Mother


Kieran Flitton as Sir Mayhem
Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n) as Sir Mayhem's singing voice
Elsie Lovelock as Queen Bee
Monica Franco as Vee

Wiley Koyote as Ricky and Kaarza

Cassie Ewulu (Sapphire) as Diva

Joy Hennes as Lady Death

Brock Baker as Jack Nippleson

Bobby McMillion as Count Balthazar
Hellbent as Captain Divine

Nathan Ragland as Chorus

Mya Clayton as Gym Lady 1

Rae Harrel as Gym Lady 2


Carlos Xavier Castro as Sir Mayhem

Diana Nolan as Vee

Jahel Morga as Queen Bee

Gerardo Alonso as Ricky & Kaarza


Kristóf as Sir Mayhem

Bellatam11 as Vee

Devilla Dawn as Queen Bee

Mathew Rooster(Dr.Manó) as Ricky

Puppet as Kaarza

Translators : Puppet, Kristóf, Ewit

Sound engineer : Marcell Józsa (Ewit)

Dubbing directors : Puppet, Kristóf

THE Musicians

Jacob Takanashi


"Mr Music" (Hank's version)

"The Pirate Anthem"

Wiley Koyote 

MAYHEM Original Soundtrack

"Never Gonna Let You Win"

MAYHEM ZOMBIE OBLIVION Original Soundtrack (orchestration)

(Music sheet by Anthony Bevilacqa)

Vocals by Kieran Flitton, Gabriel Brown, Monica Franco and Elsie Lovelock)


Ash Bricky


"One Hell Of A Villain"


"Dad" (Emo Version)

"Mr Music" (Joey's version)

"I'll be there"

Tom Schalk

"A Pain In My Beehive" (vocals by Elsie Lovelock)

Tommy Lapointe Blondin

Kina's Adventure Character Themes

Kina's Adventure Issue 1 OST

Jonathan Castellanos

Kina's Adventure Issue 2 OST
MAYHEM Origin story OST
MAYHEM Villainous Recountings OST

Leonard "L-Train" Hume


"Somewhere Out There In Outer Space"


Liana Flores


"Mr Music" (Rose' version)

Alice Knives

Kina's Adventure Issue 1 OST


THE Sound Designers

Kennedy Phillips 

MAYHEM Sound Design

MAYHEM Zombie Oblivion Sound Design


Tom Schalk


Kina's Adventure Issue 1 Sound Design

Kina's Adventure Issue 2 Sound Design

MAYHEM Origin Story Sound Design

MAYHEM Villainous recountings Sound Design


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