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HAZBIN HOTEL PILOT : Background artist, Compositing, Animation cleanup

LACKADAISY : Background Artist

helluva boss : Background Artist

mystery skulls animateD future : Background Artist

Hiveswap Act 3 : Animator, Background Artist

H2O DELIRIOUS Lofi animations : Animator, Background Artist, Illustrations

WITTEBANE FAN ANIMATIONS : Project manager, Storyboard artist, Animator, Writer, Cleanup Artist, Compositing artist, Background Artist, Director
zoophobia : Background Artist
holidaze : Background Artist

friendsim 2 : Background Artist

Insanimate H2O delirious fan animation : Background artist, Compositing, Animation cleanup


CHARACTER (shaded) : £50 Per Character

Character sketch : £25 Per Character

Illustration : (1+ character with simple background) £100+

Portrait style painting : £100
Background : Starts at £150, depends on complexity

Animated background : Starts at £300

CUSTOM ANIMATION : Contact me for quote

Note : Prices can be discounted if you need a lot of art (multiple backgrounds, characters, icons for a film, game etc)

Prices can also be discussed for commercial use such as merch etc.


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